Meghan Trainor Portfolio


Ex-Voto Machina

Ex-Voto Machina is a kinetic mechanized electronic structure that is animated using recorded brainwave activity as a gestural interface. Laser cut cotton treated with beeswax, custom built rack & pinion, entire project created in Rhino. Various components were fabricated using a variety of digital fabrication and tangible techniques: laser cutters, a CAD/CAM CNC work flow for both wood and metal.


Lotus Root & Barnacle

Lotus Root & Barnacle: an emergent system was built with Arduinos, custom elecronics, 3D printed & laser cut components. The system created a feedback loop within itself using light and motion.


Harness for Digital Wearables

An adjustable leather, acrylic & metal harness made for modular digital wearables. Designed with Rhino and fabricated with a laser cutter.