Salish Sea Anti-Space Symposium
1:00 PM13:00

Salish Sea Anti-Space Symposium

Elmer Dixon, civil rights activist, co-founder of the Seattle Black Panther Party, and current President of Executive Diversity Services.
Judy Twedt, climate scientist, data sound artist and doctoral candidate at University of Washington.
Terry Williams, Natural Resources and Treaty Rights Commissioner for Tulalip Tribes, former Clinton administration liaison to all US tribes on the environment.
Elisa Chavez, poet & writer, former artist in residence at Town Hall & the Seattle Review of Books, national poetry slam poet representing Seattle.
Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, interdisciplinary artist, writer and performer who radically reassesses of our relationship to technology.
Daddy Daddy & Daddy, art collective born of a necessity to recategorize & redistribute power & wealth in a city where we all serve Daddy Bezos (among other billionaire daddies).

BLOCK PARTY, 6-9pm In front of Pipsqueak gallery on 16th Ave: food truck, Tang bar, and live performances. "No Gods, No Spaceships" A lively musical reinterpretation of the Apollo 11 moon landing with child actors singing the famously flubbed lines of Neil Armstrong. Revisit history without the excess patriotism. Pigeon, moody punk band with an appetite for minor chords & a funny smell.

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