Computational Witchcraft in Willful Technologies

Last fall I had a show at AURA gallery in Seattle: Computational Witchcraft. Some of this work and the related meme warfare I create as part of my WitchScience practice is included in the new Danish publication Willful Technologies: Rage & Resilience edited by Madeline Balaam Lone Koefoed Hansen.

I am happy to share advanced images of the publication draft today because it is also one of the final openings of this particular life cycle of AURA gallery. Tonight Alexis Taylor presents Black Among Other Things, an installation that I described as functioning as the cover art for the mixtape of the sonic experience she created for the show. I’m excited to see what the audience tonight experiences! Seattle’s creative communities are stretched thin by the same forces that have contributed to gentrification and the homeless crisis. Rising rents, rising fascism, lack of affordable space, diminished press. It is beautiful to see moments where the resilience shines.

And I am grateful for my many creative friends in Scandinavia like Lone & Madeline who share how global some of our struggles are. I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Danish-Iranian editor, critic and activist Nazila Vida Roxana Ghavami Kivi last year for her research. Speaking with her and understanding her knowledge of a growing global community of cyborg witches about which I had no idea was truely inspiring.

You can follow AURA gallery and whatever it magically becomes in the future here.