Hedgewitch Portals in The Seattle Times


Explore Seattle’s map of ‘high weirdness’: Ghost canoe, rumored troll, Hell Mouth — and more

Originally published June 27, 2018, The Seattle Times
By Christine Clarridge, Seattle Times staff reporter



The map also gives the locations of a number of alleged portals, such as the sculpture of a dragonfly in a West Seattle park, which is said to be a gateway to other dimensions on the hottest days of the year, and the Hedgewitch Portals, built at the Equinox Studios in Georgetown. The artistic installation features 100 pounds of moss, lichens, other botanical specimens and string models of Einstein-Rosenbridges, or wormholes.

The piece was intended to serve as a “vast meditation on gravity, electromagnetism, bog ecosystems and sigil-making rituals,” according to its creator, Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, an artist and digital strategist.

Trainor, who submitted the portals to the Liminal map, is herself a hedgewitch, typically working with plants in a solitary practice. In her work, she explores the intersection of art, magic, technology and science.

She said there are places in Seattle, perhaps even the entire region, that have “intense power to them.”

Recognizing those spaces communally, as the map seeks to do, is a “collective consecration of these spaces that have a different energy,” she said.

“I’m very excited about Liminal Seattle,” she said, “and I think it’s an important framing of how we live in this geographical space and engage with it along magical lines.”