Robot Philter

Following the opening of Robots Building Robots in September 2016, the Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University commissioned artist Meghan Elizabeth Trainor to create a text-based or performative response to the exhibition. The result is an evocative sound piece called Robot Philter, which interweaves references to works in the exhibition and allusions to Trainor’s own work with reflections on the “haunted screen” and the digital expansion of “the membrane of personhood.”
Music by Jody Schaible
Recorded at Ahistorical Studio


Three Ships for Galeano

Site-specific installation “Three Ships for Galeano” for was created for Passages at INSCAPE, the 2010 inaugural show for the converted Immigration and Naturalization Services building in downtown Seattle. The installation was constructed in the gold exchange on the top floor of the former INS building and features a digital sound composition created from onsite recordings of Eduardo Galeano’s Memory of Fire trilogy which tells the history of the Americas in vignette form.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 10.36.41 PM.png

The Center Cannot Hold

The Center Cannot Hold was a live cinema performance challenging the zones of discourse on globalization, media saturation, and corporatization. The project used William Butler Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming, performed by Meghan Elizabeth Trainor, as a backbone, the remaining elements composed and scored in a figurative, semi-structured flow featuring techniques of improv, montage, cut-up, collage and parataxis. The performance was created and performed by Seth Carnes, Gary Breslin and Daniel Perlin, using an array of digital equipment that allowed for the real-time editing and remixing of scenes, sounds and samples.